The Secret to Curing Osgood Schlatters: Seven Week Training Program

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Suitable for athletes of all ages currently suffering from Osgood Schlatters, this program can be completed at home or at the gym in only a few minutes each day. It is not uncommon to cut your pain in half within the first two weeks.

Delivered through this website, the program provides all the information and support needed to complete the program, along with a day-by-day checklist helping you every step of the way as you cure your Osgood Schlatters forever.

Gain access to the digital program for a single upfront payment.


The Secret to Curing Osgood Schlatter Disease:
Pain Elimination Program

Our program teaches young athletes how to rapidly strengthen their way out of Osgood Schlatters and get back to playing the sport they love pain free in a matter of days or weeks.

Suitable for athletes of all ages, this program can be completed at home or in the gym in only minutes each day. Almost all cases see a rapid reduction in pain over the first two weeks with pain eliminated before the end of the seventh week. It is not uncommon to be completely pain free within the first 1-2 weeks.

This unique program takes a multidimensional approach to treat the root cause of Osgood Schlatters; In each session, you and your child will cure your knee pain with a combination of self-massage, flexibility, age-appropriate strengthening and movement skill training. These elements will not only drastically reduce your pain but also help minimise the risk of any future Osgood flare up.

We will provide you with all the information and support needed to complete the program, along with a day-by-day checklist helping you every step of the way as you cure Osgood Schlatters forever.

Learn about the program from head coach Durham McInnis

I’m just writing to thank Core Advantage for this great program. This past summer my 10 year-old daughter was diagnosed with OS, and our doctor said rest was the only real treatment. There was a real possibility of her missing her upcoming soccer season, which was a huge blow to her. We were sent a link to this program by a coach, and decided to give it a try.

What a great program and it did exactly what it said it would do (which seems like a rarity nowadays!). One week in, her pain was at a level that allowed her to compete in a weekend tournament with her soccer team (a week earlier we weren’t sure we were even going to go). She’s in week seven now, and is playing pain free (she’s recorded 0’s and 1’s for the past three weeks) for the first time in months. On top of that, she’s learned more about training, about when she needs to slow things down and listen to her body, but also what her true capabilities are.

Thank you, Core Advantage! I can definitely say, as a customer, that we got a lot more out of this product than we paid. Thank you again!

–  SSK, Mother

Everything you need to beat Osgood

– Complete access to Core Advantage’s unique multi-dimensional training plan for beating Osgood Schlatter Disease forever in seven weeks or less.

– The full, progressive seven-week guide to monitor and ensure your progress on a daily basis.

– Members-only Facebook support group with access to our coaches for support and tips as you go through the program and beyond.

– Videos, photos and easy to follow instructions for how to perform every exercise and activity safely and effectively.

– Suitable for athletes of all ages suffering from Osgood Schlatter Disease.

– Can be completed at home or with access to a gym, our program provides instructions for both.

Osgood training program

The Secret to Curing Osgood Schlatter Disease:
Pain Elimination Program

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Price: AU $ 90

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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is this program?

Incredibly. We rarely meet a case of Osgood Schlatters that isn’t drastically improved or eliminated within 7 weeks of starting this program.

Most commonly athletes will see a 50% or greater reduction in their pain levels in the first 2-4 weeks with a steady drop to zero pain by the end of the seven weeks.

We rarely meet a case of Osgood Schlatters that isn’t drastically improved or eliminated within 7 weeks of starting this program.

It’s important to state that this program is designed specifically for Osgood Schlatter Disease. Other diagnoses and pathologies may not respond as well to this program as Osgood does. Be sure to have your knee pain diagnosed by a medical professional before beginning this program.

Is this program safe for children and teenagers?

With 9-16 years old being the peak age range for osgood we have built the program accordingly and it will therefore suit perfectly.

The key thing to succeeding with this program is making sure you follow the instructions with precision and sensibly reload into sport.

How much does it cost, and how is the payment structured?

The entire program can purchased for a single upfront payment, in the currency of your choice. There is no ongoing membership fees and you retain lifetime access to the program after the seven weeks are completed.

We have aimed to keep the price of the program no more than a single consultation with a physical therapist or physiotherapist in most countries.

Typically, what results should an Osgood Schlatters athlete expect with this program?

Athletes with Osgood Schlatters come in all shapes and sizes, however the most common presentation is rapidly growing girls or boys, between 10-16 years of age, playing a high volume of sport with great intensity. These young athletes often present with pain levels of around seven out of ten when they start this program. Within the first seven days their pain is reduced by 50%. By day 21 most athletes are at a one or zero out of ten. By the end of the seven weeks the vast majority of athletes do not get any Osgood pain again.

What is your best result ever?

Our best result ever, happened in February 2017 when a 16-year-old girl came into our gym with such bad Osgood-Schlatters that she was on crutches! Natasha had suffered from episodes of Osgood for four years with the latest being the worst. Following our program, Natasha was off the crutches in 24 hours, and happily playing sport 21 days later.

Can I keep playing sport while doing this program?

As long as your case isn’t as extreme as Natasha’s you should be fine to keep playing and training, however it often helps to cut back by around 10% or even just take 72 hours of rest from running and jumping at the start of the program to let the knee calm down enough that you can actually start strengthening the quadriceps.

What about Skiing and Cycling?

As with sport it often helps to cut back these activities by 10% or more at the start of the program to let the knee calm down enough that you can actually start strengthening the quadriceps.

Through the program we will teach you the best way to re-introduce these activities gradually into your routine.

How important is the movement skill component of the program?

Very very important! Tall young athletes often run like baby Giraffes. They desperately need movement skill training. Unfortunately, part of the reason Osgood Schlatter Disease has become more common is that movement skill is at an all-time low as junior athletes do much less exploratory play (Climbing trees, playing tag, etc) and are almost exclusively either on screens and the couch or on a court in a structured sporting situation with less general play than any other generation.

Does this program work for adults?

Our online training program was written with children in mind but there is no reason it wouldn’t still work for an adult case of Osgood Schlatters.

We have had a few adults try the program and get great results, relieving their pain and increasing their function in daily life and sport. Before starting the program we strongly recommend you get a medical opinion to confirm it is in fact Osgood Schlatters that is causing your knee pain as this program is less effective for other injuries or diagnoses.

Do I have to join a gym?

Nope, provided you have land, gravity and a foam roller you are all set.

How did Core Advantage come up with this program?

The short answer is necessity.
The eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia are home to more registered junior Basketballers than anywhere else in the world. The popularity of Basketball, plus other tall athlete sports such as Netball, Australian Rules Football and Cricket, means that Osgood Schlatter Disease is very prevalent in Melbourne. On top of that great need, we also have the good fortune of being able to work with some of the best researchers in the field who also happen to live in our city.

All we had to do was join the dots from sports science to strength and conditioning and refine it with practical application to our Osgood prone population. This program is the culmination of that hard work, lots of case studies and the luck of timing and location.

11 reviews for The Secret to Curing Osgood Schlatters: Seven Week Training Program

  1. Kristi Friske (verified owner)

    My very athletic 11-year old daughter couldn’t even run the bases for her travel softball team last spring because of the pain in her right knee. Her physical therapist basically told her she would have to grow out of it (in about 3 years, when she stopped growing). I happened upon this website and thought we’d take a chance on it and I am so glad we did. Her pain was manageable within a week or two, and completely gone in less than a month. She is now playing competitive soccer and has absolutely no issues. I was skeptical but now I am a believer! I really cannot thank you enough!!

  2. Jordan Mayers

    Amazing Results – when my 3 sport 12 year old finished football season and was getting ready for basketball he started having pain in his knees. Turns out it was Osgood Schlater. Doctors gave us the typical treatment options and I was not patient and knew there must be something better. I stumbled upon Coach McInnis and was skeptical about it at first like most things you find online. The more I read, the more it made sense to me so decided to give it a shot.

    We were very dedicated in the following the program. I say we because a 12 year old has a hard time foam rolling and completely doing all of the exercises. Parents need to be committed to help their kids thru this but within 3 weeks he was able to play basketball without much pain and within 6 weeks he 95% better.

    I cannot be happier with the results and Coach McInnis’s program.

  3. Jan Tjomsland

    THIS PROGRAM WORKS! Don’t hesitate; Buy this program and get relief for your suffering athlete. I cannot give Durham and his crew high enough marks! My son’s OS was so bad that he had trouble Walking. Within 3 weeks he was back on the field, and after completing the program he was running at full speed and strength. Even from Florida we felt completely supported in using this program; Durham and his staff quickly and thoroughly answered questions and provided advice and recommendations.

  4. Edward jones

    My 15 year old still plays basketball the program helped a lot he took a break from travel ball and is going threw the program again with out practice or games

  5. Amanda Pike

    After fighting our Osgood pain for more than 6 months this program was a blessing.
    Pain went from 6/10 most days to 2/10 by the middle of week two, never had any soreness again after the 4th week.

    Easy to follow, we did the whole thing from home with equipment made from household items. Well worth the money!

  6. Darcy (verified owner)

    My 14 year old son had significant knee pain on and off for nearly a year. He started the program after his pain reoccurred upon starting cross country training. Two days after starting the program he felt significantly better and is currently completing his cross country season. He was able to complete the daily stretches and strengthening exercises on his own and continues to utilize what he learned to remain pain free even when running in cross country and playing basketball. We would recommend this program to anyone motivated to run and play sports pain free.

  7. Karin Tydeman (verified owner)

    This program has really helped my 13-year-old son who has had knee pain from Osgood Schlatter’s for a few years now. It’s easy to follow the program from home, and no special equipment is needed. He’s so happy that he’s able to play basketball again! It is well worth the nominal cost.

  8. Fiona Windle (verified owner)

    My son (16) has had knee pain for about 3 years and had to wear knee supports whilst training on the indoor erg and when rowing on the water. He stuck religiously to the programme (without being reminded!) and after completion, he is absolutely delighted that he can now train & race without knee supports, and, more importantly, without pain. Would definitely recommend this programme. Thank you!

  9. Jarom Hlebasko (verified owner)

    It’s hard to rate something that’s invaluable! If there was a 10 star rating, this program would receive it from me in my opinion. My 12-year-old daughter started developing signs of early pain in her left knee about 10 weeks ago. It was significant enough that we went to an orthopedic clinic to get a proper diagnosis so we could figure out treatment. My daughter lives and breathes dance and soccer! Her pain was starting to really affect her play and it was extremely frustrating for her and myself being her soccer coach.

    The diagnosis came back that she indeed did have Osgood Schlatters. The doctor indicated that nothing could really be done and it would just be a waiting game. They encouraged us to not participate in any type of heavy activity but had no timeframe. I could not accept this. I did my research on the disease and came across this program. I reviewed the program with my wife and decided that it was worth trying as we really had nothing else to lose. However, we did commit right then and there that we would go through the whole program the way it has been lined out.

    The first week was extremely painful with rolling but absolutely worth it as it dramatically decreased her overall pain. We were then very educated on pain science which was very helpful for her to gauge how much activity she should do. Weeks three through five were hard because she was significantly better but needed to watch her activity load at the same time. When we got to week seven, she was practically pain-free and playing soccer at about 80% of her normal capacity. From there, it was just trusting the process, letting go of the knee brace, and relying on her other muscles that were developed through the program to absorb the necessary energy away from her knee. BRILLIANT!

    If you’re thinking about joining the program for your child, DO IT! Go through each week exactly as described from the program and it will work. Thank you very much Core Advantage. I would give you guys a hug if I could

  10. Karls Aniscenko (verified owner)

    Very helpful program not only for Osgood-Schlatters, but also for adult patellar Tendinosis and Tendonitis treatments. Thank you! My pain has decreased drastically. I used it in combination with my doctor’s recommendations and I feel that in several weeks I will be completely pain free. 🙂

  11. Joe Snelgar (verified owner)

    Wow my son had tryed everything before this program so happy with results ,
    He could barley lift his leg when we started and now he back training at full pelt brilliant 💪👍

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