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Along with our experience helping athletes recover from growth based conditions such as Osgood Schlatters, we also specialise in training programs for young athletes looking to improve their sporting performance.

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Programs for Injury Rehabilitation

Osgood training program

The Secret to Curing Osgood Schlatters

A scientifically supported and highly effective seven week training program to help athletes of all ages strengthen and mobilise their way out of Osgood Schlatters pain forever.

Severs Strengthening Program

This program helps fix strength, mobility and movement skill deficits most commonly linked to Severs, a growth based issue that occurs in the heel.

Programs for Athletic Performance

The following programs are designed for athletes after they have eliminated their Osgood pain through the training program above.

These programs are hosted on the Core Advantage parent website (Pressing the buttons or images will open a new tab in your browser at this website)

Running Fundamentals Program

Team sport athletes spend so much time working on their tactical and technical skills but how much do you work on your running mechanics?

This six week program will help make you faster and more efficient. Slow motion analysis of technique before and after, sprinters warm up routine, strength training for the running athlete and a progressive speed development program.

The Athletic Core

Tall active teenagers almost universally have one thing in common. A lack of core control and strength.

Follow this 8 week program to build a truly stable core, creating a foundation for your new found athleticism. Sprint faster, jump higher and tackle harder all while reducing your global injury risk through this program built on the latest in strength and conditioning research.

Soccer Strong

The perfect Off-season companion. This eight week complete conditioning program will have you in the best shape of your life, ready to attack tryouts and the new season.


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