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The Team Behind The Program

Based in Melbourne, Australia Core Advantage is a high-performance team with the shared vision of bringing professional quality strength & conditioning and injury rehabilitation to athletes at every level.

Founded in 1999, we focus our time on training junior to elite athletes from a range of sports and age groups in our high performance centre in Melbourne’s South East. In 2018 we launched our online training platforms osgoodschlatters.net and coreadvantage.training working to share our training methods and principles with the world, delivering world class online athletic development programs and coach education courses.


Frequently Asked Questions about our methods and program.

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More than Osgood Schlatters

Core Advantage does more than help athletes fix their Osgood Schlatters. We are a high performance company that works with athletes of all ages and levels reach their best.


While you will find everything you need for your Osgood Schlatters on this website, our main online presence is over at coreadvantage.training.

There we have a range of free resources to help athletes improve their fitness, stay injury free and get the most out of their bodies.

You will need to create a separate account (it’s free) on that site to access the content but feel free to use the same credentials as on osgoodschlatters.net.