The Secret to Beating Osgood Schlatters

Core Advantage was founded in 1999, and has spent the last two decades helping athletes return to sport from injuries and enhancing performance.

We built this website in 2018 on the back of our unique, scientifically supported solution to curing Osgood Schlatters. The seven week training program found here is built for children and parents struggling to get on top of their Osgood Schlatters pain and who want to get back to the sport they love to play.

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Seven Week Osgood Training Program

A breakthrough in Osgood management and elimination.

In less than 20 minutes a day, we take you every step of the way to rapidly reduce your Osgood pain and get you back to playing the sport you love.

Along the way, learn how to safely build your strength, mobility and movement skill to prevent Osgood Schlatters from coming back ever again, all from the comfort of their own home.


The Blog

Everything you need to know about the biggest and most common questions surrounding Osgood Schlatters management.

From the true cause of Osgood, do knee straps work, and the problem with extended time off sport, this is your one stop resource for everything you need to know about Osgood Schlatter Disease.


The Osgood Podcast

With over 26 years of combined experience working with elite and junior athletes Durham and Jacob have plenty to share when it comes to successfully managing Osgood Schlatters.

Listen or watch this free multi-part series as they discuss the biggest mistakes, tips and tricks for best practices for beating Osgood Schlatters.


Severs Training Program

We are currently working on a training program to help young athletes struggling with Severs, a similar condition to Osgood Schlatters that occurs in the achilles and heel bone.

More news on its release will be available shortly.