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Returning to Sport After Osgood

Returning to Sport

Finally, you have put in the work, built your strength and your knees are feeling the best they ever have.

It’s time to return to sport.

This moment is a key fork in the road.
Down one path you return to sport smoothly and gradually, never to suffer from Osgood pain again. On the other path is a dive straight back into full sport and training, straight back to full sporting loads the minute your knees are pain free. Only a few short weeks later your knees blow up again and the Osgood returns, possibly worse than last time.

Sweet, pain free victory. Or a crushing return to square one.

The Osgood return to sport

Returning After Osgood, which path do you choose?

The art of the Reload

Getting the balance right in the first few weeks as  you return to sport is crucial, it takes time for the body to develop the specific fitness it needs to keep up with high intensity sprinting, jumping and agility. While you might be pain-free and stronger than they have ever been, it takes patience and a little planning to successfully return to sports.

And most importantly: Stay returned

There is no exact answer to how to do this reload as it varies by sport, age, experience level, and individual context. But our most important piece of advise would be to be more conservative than you might first think. Aiming to do a little more each week than the one before and adjusting as you go.

Reloading from Osgood Schlatters

In mid 2020 we put on a free workshop called the Art of the Reload. You can access it by pressing on the image above

Building the Perfect Plan

Throughout our online seven week Osgood training program we provide the skills and information needed to help map out a structured return to sport.
By completing five minutes of heat map planning at the start of each weeks along with the daily 1-minute Osgood diary. You log your training progress as you work towards not only eliminating your Osgood Schlatters forever but also reducing your risk of a range of other injuries and get more out of every training session, improving your performance as an athlete.

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How Does Osgood Go Away?

Rest is not enough, and there is no magic pill. But Osgood isn’t as hard to cure as you might think.

Seven Week Osgood Training Program

Osgood training program

– Life-time access to Core Advantage’s unique training plan for beating Osgood Schlatter Disease forever

– The full, progressive seven-week program to ensure your success

– Facebook support group with access to our coaches

– Videos and easy to follow step-by-step instructions for every age-appropriate exercise and activity

– Suitable for athletes of all ages suffering from Osgood Schlatter Disease.

– Can be completed at home or with access to a gym, our program provides instructions for both.

A single payment of AU $ 90

The Biggest Osgood Mistakes

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