Congratulations on Starting the Secret to Curing Osgood Schlatters

Your guide to beating Osgood Schlatters and returning to the sport and activities you love, pain free!

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Congratulations and welcome to the Secret to Curing Osgood Schlatters program.

Everything you need to complete the program and drastically reduce your Osgood pain is outlined on this website.

When you registered for the program you will have created a password, that password plus your email address will enable you to log in and access the program. To change and update your details go to the My Account tab in the menu a the top of the page.

Shortly, you should receive a few emails from us with your purchase receipt along with a welcome to the first week of the program. If these do not come through, check your spam folder, and also check your email address on the My Account page, it’s not uncommon for it to be entered incorrectly.

Program overview

Every week of the program laid out before you start. NOTE: In order to ensure smooth progression with the training each week is only unlocked as you reach it.

Program Workbook

An essential part of the program is the daily and weekly workbook to help you through the process.

We recommend printing it out and filling in each day as you go through the program, monitoring your progress as you proceed.

You can download the workbook by pressing the button below.

Private Facebook Support Group

As part of the seven week program we have created an online support community for athletes and parents struggling with Osgood Schlatters.

It is a private group exclusive to members of the Secret to Curing Osgood Schlatters Training Program, to join, press the button below and request to join us.

Osgood Treatment Plan

Getting Started

Crucial information before you begin the program. DO NOT SKIP THIS PAGE

Osgood Treatment Plan

Knowledge Base

All the most commonly asked questions about the program and how to handle different specific problems that might arise with your training.

Osgood Treatment Plan

Week 1 – Pain Science, Foam Rolling and Knee Isometrics

Get started on the key exercises to beating Osgood. We also give an overview of pain science to help you understand your injury.

Osgood Treatment Plan

Week 2 – Athletic Heat Map

Understanding your training load is one of the most crucial components to long term success with staying Osgood free.

Osgood Treatment Plan

Week 3 – Basic Stretches and Glute Activation

Now is time to introduce stretching for the lower body. We will also start strengthening your glutes as they are crucial for stabilising the entire lower body.

Osgood Treatment Plan

Week 4 – Shallow Squats & Calf Raises

Squatting may seem daunting after having Osgood but its a big part of returning to peak performance in any sport.

Osgood Treatment Plan

Week 5 – Mastering Training Load

Along the same theme as week 2 deepen your understanding of training load to prevent your Osgood coming back.

Osgood Treatment Plan

Week 6 – Landing and Stride-Outs

Movement skill is a huge part of every young athletes development, these two movement will make you a smoother more efficient mover

Osgood Treatment Plan

Week 7 – Squatting Range & Advanced Stretches

The final week, this week includes a forever program to continue now that you have completed the program.

More than Osgood Schlatters

Core Advantage does more than help athletes fix their Osgood Schlatters. We are a high performance company that works with athletes of all ages and levels reach their best.

While you will find everything you need for your Osgood Schlatters on this website, our main online presence is over at

There we have a range of free resources to help athletes improve their fitness, stay injury free and get the most out of their bodies.

You will need to create a separate account (it’s free) on that site to access the content but feel free to use the same credentials as on