The Core Advantage Running Fundamentals Program

A complete seven week program designed to help you maximise your speed, explosiveness and running efficiency.

Our program is suitable for athletes of all ages and can be completed at home or at a park/court in 15-30 minutes a day.

The program teaches you the six key qualities to look for in good running technique, how to correctly video your running in slow motion and our favourite running drills for improving efficiency, lightness and speed. Including a progressive strength strength, conditioning, speed and acceleration timetable, this program will help athletes from all sports and ages, get the edge they need to run effortlessly faster.

We will provide you with all the information and support needed to complete the program, along with a day-by-day workbook helping you every step of the way as you improve your running speed.

Everything you need to run faster and easier

Do you Run like This?

This program can help you run easier and faster

Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently injured or have recently been injured, should I start this program?

Probably Not.

The program is designed to help athletes who are currently injury free and have been for at least three weeks improve their running technique and speed.

The program is progressive in nature and starts in a relatively easy place to focus on technical components of running. However if you have not been running or running currently causes you joint or sharp muscular pain then this program is not for you.

If you are beginning this program after having completed the Core Advantage  Osgood Schlatters program and successfully became pain free during that program, this progam will be suitable for you as much of the strength you built during the Osgood program will carry through to this program.

If you are still unsure, consult a physician, physiotherapist or athletic trainer who knows your unique context and can use professional judgement to aid your decision.

Who is this program for?

This program is a general speed development program aimed at helping athletes of all sports, ages and skill levels improve their running technique, power and efficiency.

This program is beneficial for everyone, but people who fit into the following categories are likely to see the greatest benefits:

  • Teenage team and ball sport athletes who are not able to match the speed of their teammates and classmates
  • Young adults who are already strong and powerful but still lack the quickness and explosiveness on the court of field
  • Adult recreational runners who are looking to improve their distance running efficiency
  • Any athlete who has a history of injuries* or pain associated with running (shin splints, runners knee etc)

*PLEASE NOTE: This is not a rehabilitation program designed to fix or cure any injury or pathology, this program is for healthy runners looking to improve their efficiency and running technique

What results can I expect with this program?

The results while doing this program will vary wildly, depending largely on your current training history, movement skill and base line speed.

However, no matter your starting point when beginning this program, all athletes are able to achieve the following:

  • Improved economy and efficency when running
  • Lighter, easier running style at all running velocities
  • Greater running fitness and stamina
  • Better acceleration and first step reactivity
  • Greater top speed potential
  • Lowered injury risk when running
  • Faster recovery from workouts
  • Increased strength and flexibility specific to running

Will this program improve my 40 Yard or 20m sprint time?

Almost certainly.

While running and sprinting is a multi-factorial skill, almost all athletes who follow this program will see some improvements in their timed sprints.

The biggest emphasis of this program is on the often forgotten quality of movement skill, a crucial component to ensure you run and sprint with a posture, alignment and technique that optimises your bodies inbuilt elasticity and power.

Over the six week program you should see a gradual improvement in not only your speed, but also the amount of effort required to run fast. As you become both faster and lighter over the ground.

Weaker athletes who are currently not the quickest on their team are likely to see the greatest improvements mostly thanks to newbie gains, but advanced athletes will still benefit tremendously from this program.

Can I do this program in-season?


This program can be done at any time in your athletic year. The program is progressive in nature and is designed to focus on quality not quantity, with each short workout designed to build your movement skills and deliver a small dose of high intensity speed work.

What do I need to do the program?

Not much, just space, gravity and a foam roller.

You will need at least 30m of straight even ground to run along.

Our preferred surface would be a grass in-field or soccer pitch. Second best would be a basketball court or indoor facility with sprung floor boards. The best place to run is on a surface you are familiar training on.

You will also need a foam roller for the runners warm up that the program teaches you.

Effortlessly Improve Your Speed, Stamina and First Step Acceleration

Seven Week Speed Development Program: $55 USD

$55 USD

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