Thank you for purchasing the Secret to Curing Osgood-Schlatters: 7 Week Pain Elimination Program

We are really excited to see people from around the world helping their kids cure Osgood Schlatters using our methods. The program has never failed and I’m sure it will work great for your child provided they follow the instructions closely.

Be sure to read this entire page in full and follow the steps one-by-one to ensure the program works as intended.

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Disclaimer and Warning:

Every Osgood case is unique.
Different triggers, pain symptoms, and underlying causes require individual programming, screening and assessment and as such you should use common sense throughout this entire program. Read the instructions and explanations twice before proceeding.
Before beginning this program we advise every athlete double check with their doctor (GP) or physical therapist (physio) to confirm your knee pain is in fact caused by Osgood Schlatter Disease. A different injury or diagnosis may not respond favourably to this program.

Some parts of this program will cause muscular pain and discomfort as you need to loosen off and re-strengthen your leg and core muscles. This is completely normal however: If you feel any joint or back pain, sharp muscular pains, or notice any unusual knee pain (different to your Osgood pain) when performing any of the exercises, please use common sense, stop immediately and seek medical advice.

Seven Tips to Get the Most Out of the Program

The background information about how to successfully complete this program

1. The program only works if you do

Our program always works for those willing to push through the rolling pain and commit to the discipline of following our plan every single day. Osgood is a problem you have to lengthen and strengthen your way out of and this takes consistency and commitment.

2. You need to be the right kind of tough

The right kind of tough is pushing through the muscular pain of rolling and strength training as well as the boredom of stretching. The right kind of tough is having the discipline to not suddenly double your training load because your knees are feeling amazing that day.

The wrong kind of tough is pushing through joint pain hoping it will just get better on its own. Remember if you trade your joint health for fitness you will end up with neither

3. Athletes and parents must understand the process

Being educated about the process is vital to making informed and intelligent decisions as you progress through the program. The detailed program outline below tells you everything you need to know about how and why our program works.

We have been successfully implementing these methods in our gym for over a decade, it’s only recently that the scientific evidence supporting our methods has been published. Follow this link for further reading and more detailed explanations of the scientific underpinnings of our program.

4. If you are not getting great results make sure you actually have osgood

The only real failures in our program are athletes who either don’t have Osgood or those which turn out to have osgood plus another problem of some sort. In these cases it is vital to thoroughly investigate what is going on and take action to deal with the other pathology. We strongly recommend seeking a second opinion if you have been following our program correctly and arrive at week four without a substantive decrease in pain levels.

5. Be patient and stick with it

For some young athletes there is an immediate and significant reduction in pain levels, for others it takes a little longer. Stick with it and follow the process and you or your child will be pain free in a matter of weeks.

6. Stay with the program even after you are cured

Our program will make you stronger, more flexible, and increase your jumping and landing skill. However all these gains can be lost if you quit the process once the pain has gone away. Stick with the program even after you are pain free as it will keep you strong and safe. Also keep a lookout for our advanced running and strength programs we will be launching those later in the year so that you can build on the pain free foundation you have laid and become an even better athlete under our guidance.

7. Email me if you get stuck and the knowledge base doesn’t have the answer

If you have watched the videos, followed the program and searched the knowledge base and still need help please feel free to email me and I will do whatever I can to help. My personal email can be found on the Knowledge Base page.

How Our Program Works

This program is broken into seven weeks. The content for each week of the program will become accessible as you complete the previous week and are ready to move on. Each week will build on the one before, progressing you along at the most effective pace.

There are two types of training sessions in this program, the daily routine, and the workout. Both of these will grow in length and complexity as your pain settles and your strength increases.


Pain Logging (Daily)

Being in pain is not fun, but by continually monitoring your pain levels is a great way to better manage your pain in the short term, and better predict and avoid pain and injury in the future. You will learn the best way to test and score your pain in week one.


Daily Maintenance (Daily)

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Workouts (Three times per week)

While the daily maintenance will help reduce your pain levels, the workout is designed to stop your Osgood ever coming back. You should do this workout three times a week, with each session separated by 48-72 hours (ie: Monday, Wednesday, Friday).

Equipment and Tools

Things you need to help you complete our program.

Program Workbook

You can download the entire seven-week PDF workbook by clicking the button.

Print this out to fill in and chart your progress as you complete the seven weeks. We find printing it out and having a physical copy of the workbook to fill in every day gets the best results.

Foam Roller

You will need a foam roller to get started with week one as foam rolling is one of the most fundamental components of this program’s effectiveness. We recommend the Trigger Point 13″ original roller you can get them online from Amazon, and most sporting good stores.

Ankle Weights or Alternative

If you have access to a gym with a leg extension machine that is brilliant, however, if you don’t that is ok, most of the exercises only require bodyweight and can easily be done at home. For the knee isometrics, some people find ankle weights helpful, but reusable grocery bags with canned food or bottles makes a great alternative.

The program contains instructions for both a gym and home-based program.

Save this website as an app/widget

This website is going to be your source of guidance, support and advice over the next seven weeks. For easy access we recommend turning it into a web-app on your phone or tablet home screen for easy access. For instructions on how to do this read this article.

Download our timing app

You will need to accurately time your stretching and the knee isometrics exercises, for this, we recommend our custom built app. The app contains pre-built timers exactly for this purpose and you can also build custom timing protocols.

Get it for free on both iOS and Android by clicking the appropriate link or searching “Core Advantage” in the App Store and Play Store

Let’s Get Started

Now that we have all that out of the way, it’s time to get started on the program and fix your knees. Click below and get going.