Can I still play sport with Osgood Schlattter Disease?

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There aren’t many things more frustrating for a young athlete to be told they must sit out six or more months of sport because of their Osgood Schlatters pain.

This is especially frustrating for us because most cases, (depending on the severity of your pain levels), you simply don’t have to miss any sport with Osgood Schlatters, if you are smart about it.

Keep playing sport with Osgood Schlatter Disease? It’s possible.

Strength Exercises for Osgood Schlatters

We have been working with young athletes suffering from Osgood Schlatters for over 15 years and find most athletes are able to maintain most if not all of their regular training and playing while doing their strengthening program.

During our seven week Osgood strengthening program we recommend that athletes should undertake a 10-30% reduction in their training load for the first two weeks to allow the mobilisation and strengthening work to have its full effect.

From weeks three onwards, pre-injury playing and training loads should cause no new problems for most athletes, as long as they are diligent with their exercise program.

Learn more about how to manage your training loads and train your way out of Osgood forever in our seven week Osgood Schlatters strengthening program, suitable for all ages.

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